Today I was working with a poet, recording some spoken word. She had just got back from Vienna, where she was making a TED talk, she’s been on TV and has 10s, maybe 100s of thousands of YouTube views but has NEVER watched or listened back to a single one of her poems, for fear that the reality would not live up to her expectation. It is not that she is arrogant but knows that everyone is their own hardest critic.

It got me thinking – I struggle to listen to my mixes with objectivity, I cannot listen to music I’ve made in the same way that I listen to other music which forces me to continually doubt its quality.

One thing I find myself telling clients constantly (when they want to tune the life out of a vocal or quantise the life out of their drums) is that no-one will notice the “issues” in their stuff like they will and that its important to keep perspective when listening to your own music. However, when working with the poet this morning I could not help but thinkA�you HAVE to at least check your stuff out in order to learn from it and improve your technique.

So how do you find a balance between learning from your art and being overly critical of yourself? Unfortunately I don’t have the answer…I don’t really think there is one but I think its important to alwaysA�remember, when listening to your own music, that you are not listening to it like anyone else ever will!

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