Today’s thought is a little different. I won’t be talking about recording, mixing or being in the studio but, instead, about applying for jobs in the music industry.

The music industry is unbelievably competitive – which is how I ended up setting up independently, its very hard to get a job – and as someone who never managed to secure a job in a recording studio you might ask why I’ve decided I can talk about the process…I get a number of CVs sent to me every single week, and, although I am not in a position to take anyone on at the moment (due to the size of my studio and the nature of my client relations), I do read every one. I hope to be able to give opportunities to young engineers that weren’t necessarily available to me when I was starting out, and I’m always interested to see the level of applicants available, should anything come up!

Something I notice far more often than I would like is people sending their Cv and cover email to me, as well as a number of other studios at the same time – I can see in the address line of the email who and how many people the email has been sent to and that’s all I need to see to know that this person isn’t the right person for my studio.

Firstly, my studio is precious to me and I would only be willing to take on someone who was passionate about the music I make here and the style in which I do things – hopefully this is apparent from the text and audio examples on this website. I understand that, what with the competitive nature of the business, you may not be too picky about where you start out and hat you just want to get into the studio ASAP, but at least make an effort…this is your first impression after all!

Secondly, sending the same email to multiple recipients is corner cutting, not that it takes hours to copy and paste the same email and send it out to everyone individually, but it is slightly quicker to simply put everyone’s email in the “to” box. I don’t want to work with someone who is gong to cut corners to save themselves time to work here, though. A�There is a fine line between being efficient and being lazy and where efficiency is a great attribute to have working in a recording studio, laziness isn’t!

Apologies for the rant.

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