When it comes to recording and mixing vocals, few things can make or break the end product like the microphone. When therea��s time I will put up a selection of different microphones and have the vocalist walk round the room recording one or two lines of the song into each of the (usually around eight) microphones. Then wea��ll listen back to the song and see which mic sounds best.

When time is of the essence Ia��m very trusting of the Neumann TLM103 or AKG C414 (they tend to be safe bets for everyone) but in the last two sessions I have done neither has been my favourite. They are always top 3, but I A�will often find that an unlikely candidate suits a particular voice slightly more.

Not everyone has as extensive a microphone locker as I do here and home studios may only have 1 or 2 mics but it is always worth trying them both out on each vocalist rather than just using a�?old faithfula��. In a recent shootout including, amongst others, a Neumann, two AKG 414s, a Coles 4038 and a Rupert Neve SE microphone, the winner was the ElectroVoice RE20 a�� which would probably lose a shootout with almost any other vocalist but it was miles apart from the rest on this occasion!

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