Hi guys!

I wanted to let you all know about a page on Facebook – Damian Keyes – Musician & Band Advice.

Damian is a music manager and co-founded BIMM (the British and Irish Modern Music Institute) in Brighton, it has now expanded to Bristol, Birmingham, London, Dublin, Manchester and Berlin. He recently started an education platform on Facebook, where he posts daily videos with advice for musicians and bands as well as interviews withA�industry professionals and musicians.

Bands that come into the studio are always asking for advice of how to release and promote their music and I am not the best person to ask (I tried once…didn’t go well) but I highly recommend you watch Damian’s videos and heed his advice. Here are a couple of videos of his that I particularly like.

Now all he needs to do is a video about how you shouldn’t introduce your last song at a gig, get everyone excited and then take 5 minutes to tune while the audience loses all its energy!

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