This is a good one for both engineers/producers and for artists.

Engineers:A�If you take time trying different mics, polar patterns, HPF positions and pre amps andA�tweak the positioning of the microphone while capturing a great performance all the while keeping the final song in mind you’ll find that your mix comes together much quicker and easier. You won’t waste time and energy during the mix process trying to pull “that sound” out of a less-than-ideal recording.

Artists:A�Consider how you want your final track to sound before you record – if you want a tight punchy drum sound then make sure you tune your drums so they sound that way in the live room. Try and get the guitar sound you’re looking for by tweaking the amp rather than relying on your mix engineer to interpret your vision. One possible exception is the use of effects such as reverb and delay – sometimes you’ll want these effects to be separate from the sound of their source in the mix (eg panned to the other side).

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