It seems to becoming less and less common for young, new bands to demo their songs before going into the studio. Demoing is a great way to figure out what does and doesn’t work in your songs – much better than rehearsals. You’d be surprised how often we have a band recording and find that there is a discord in a part of the song that no one ever noticed

All audio CDs contain metadata. Metadata is information about what is on the CD (artist names, song and album titles, and most importantly, a unique code identifying each song – the ISRC code). This information is applied by the mastering studio and can be read by radio stations, royalty collection agencies and some CD players. The mastering studio, be it Free House or anyone else, will request this information from

Just a quick one today. As an artist, the golden rule while recording is to make sure you are completely comfortable a�� this will increase your chances of getting a great performance. An important thing to consider is the mix you are hearing through your headphones. As engineers we can have a good guess at what might be helpful for you to hear but each performer is different and will

Today MangoseedA�debuted their latest track ‘Lucy’. Produced, recorded and mixed by Sam and mastered by Simon at Free House Studios, the track is a heavy, reggae tinged story from South London. Check it out below.

When it comes to recording and mixing vocals, few things can make or break the end product like the microphone. When therea��s time I will put up a selection of different microphones and have the vocalist walk round the room recording one or two lines of the song into each of the (usually around eight) microphones. Then wea��ll listen back to the song and see which mic sounds best. When