I have had a couple of clients in the studio lately who have asked for my opinion of the their tracks/performance/writing/playing…and after offering honest feedback – usually along the lines of “In general its really cool, could use a bit of work in these areas…” – they have replied “You have to say that/you’re just saying that because I’m paying”. I swear I’m not lying, here’s why: I genuinely don’t

While working on the album I’m currently producing I have been checking my mixes against various other tracks, and when you do this you can get frustrated but the comparisons, just a few things that you should keep in mind for your references. Reference a vibe. Don’t spend hours and hours A-B-ing between your guitar sound and a specific record’s guitar sound. Chasing a specific tone is going to distract

I was talking to a client today, a member of a folk band I was recording. She was really interested in the day-to-day stuff in the studio and what I “normally recorded” – I explained that it varies daily and one day I might be working with a funk band, the next a grime collective, the next an audiobook etc etc…she asked how I could stay interested and motivated, and

A new blog feature I will be running is ‘Though of the Day’ – hopefully to be updated daily…probably no though. At least 3 or 4 times a week I will take something that I’ve noticed or has interested me in the studio and share it with any of you who care to read. For my first post I want to talk about something that has come up a few

When coming into the studio to record for the first time (or second, third, forth or fifth!) there are some important things to consider which will help you get the most out of the session! This is a checklist of a few things that, if properly thought about, will make the recording session run smoothly and make the mix as simple as possible. To Click or not To Click Do