Recently, while talking to bands about their options for getting out there and earning some money from live performance function gigs came up – and while it is totally understandable that you want to get out there and start gigging your own music in clubs and venues world wide I find it can be really motivating to start seeing decent money coming in from playing music, which is hard when

Between the ages of 8 and 11A�I constantly asked my parents for a drum kit for Christmas, on birthdays, or any possible reason I could think of, they were reluctant – but having badgered them for years they came up with a compromise – if I took piano lessons for a year they would indulge my desire to learn the drums. Their reasoning being, I suppose, that if I were

Salute the Sun,A�who recorded their debut EP, Guard Down, at Free House last December have released a video for the second single from that release -A�TLG. The video was filmed by Harry NelderA�and we’re really digging it! Check the video out below and don’t forget to get the EP from the band’s bandcamp pageA�for free, no less!


Feb 2015

Open (Long) Day

As you may or may not know reading this, at Free House I offer various packages for studio time: 1 day for A?150, 3 days for A?300 and 5 days for A?450 (A?250 and A?400, for 2 and 4 days respectively). These packages entitles you to block book the studio for the whole day – you can let me know what time you’d like to start in the morning, and

Following my previous post, and bearing in mind the most important factor in picking your studio is the quality of the music you make, I would go through 5 reasons why Free House may be the studio for your next project. 1. The Drum Sound Contrary to all the rules for a drum booth (it should be large and tall), the Garage (my live room) has an incredible drum sound,