One of the most frequent questions I am asked by clients who have an interest in setting up small home studios goes along the lines ofA�“What’s the most important piece of equipment to buy?”A�or “I have A?x00 what should I spend it on for the best recordings?”. We need to look at the traditional signal chain, which in its most basic form is (in the world of modern, digital home


May 2014

Magic Mics

There are many myths in the world of professional audio, and with the forerunners in studio technology offering more and more to the home studio market, it has never been further from the truth that you have to remortgage your house for a decent microphone. There are, of course, certain mics that will continue to be sought out for specific sources (eg. the U87 on vocals) but there will almost

The fact that Free House was designed and hand built by myself means I love working in the room, I am incredibly proud of the acoustic characteristics of both the vocal booth and the live room and mixing in the control room suits me down to a T, however, its fair to say that there are other studios I’d love to track in! Here’s my top 5 (in no particular

Would you like to win a Royer R-121 Ribbon Microphone and Royera��s patented Sling-Shocka�? shockmount? It is an incredible combination, and Recording Hacks giving it away on May 1, 2014. This contest is open to musicians, producers, recordists, audio engineers, podcasters, voice artists, and studio owners. Winners will be asked to submit a photo of their home or commercial studio. The Prize TheA�R-121A�has been a studio standard since its

Apologies for the delay between posts – this will become a weekly feature at some point, things a just a bit hectic around the studio at the moment! So I’ll throw in as much as possible to this one! Mangoseed – Devil in the Road MangoseedA�are an incredible reggae/dub/hip hop/everything else group from Brixton, who stopped by Free House a few weeks ago to have a little album listening party