I just read this great article by Russ HughesA�from the Pro Tools Expert WebsiteA�and thought it deserved sharing…check it out! Making a living from doing what you love sounds like a dream, running a studio with no boss to worry about, work the hours you like and make as much money as you like – well thata��s the dream. Being self employed may be the best decision you make, but

Back for its second week the new What We’re Listening To feature profiles the songs that are currently on repeat in he Free House. Check them out below.

I thought I would start a new feature this week were I showcase what’s getting played during downtime in the lab each week. So here is the first of many…

To celebrate 25 years of Focusrite, who’s preamps play a central role here at Free House Studios, and have since we first opened they have released a documentary tracking down the 10 Focusrite Consoles produced in 1988. Check it out below:

Our main aim at Free House is to be the go to place for vocal recording. Whilst offering the full range of services expected of a recording studio, we pride ourselves on our vocal capture and mixing.