So you’ve booked your recording session, now’s time to get ready so you can make your most of the time in the studio. Here’s a list of things you can do to get the best results. It is by no means a full list and everyone is different so not every aspect will apply to every artist. Some of the tips I’m offering here may seem basic but if you

TL;DL: Buying beats online is confusing AF – there’s a bunch of different options (mp3, WAV, trackout stems) each with their own terms (limits on streams, videos, public performance and so on) for different prices (usually between $40 and $500) and all while the YouTube video you found thew beat on says FREE. Here, I break down what all this means and what I think is best to do. File

One of the conversations I have with artists most frequently goes something like this: Artist: I can’t get my voice to sound they way I want. I’m going for an sound, do you have any tips? Me: Most of the sound of a vocal comes from the performance, not the mix. Let’s experiment with different singing/rapping styles and see what we can get. Have you demoed these songs? It’ll really