A trend I have started to notice more and more in the studio is for artists to be overly proud in how quickly they knock out their song or verse.

“Check out this tune, it only took me 20 minutes to record!” they brag to their friends in the control room. While efficiency is great, and there are many ways to make the most of your time in the studio (check out this blog post on preparing for your session), it seems strange to me that speed is seemingly more important than quality.

Trying to leave a 3 hour session with 3 songs recorded, mixed and mastered is doable but it’s likely to leave you with 3 sub-standard songs. Using that same session to focus on fully producing just one song will deliver a much superior result. Even better is to use studio time just to record the tracks and add any specific effects, stutters, beats stops etc. – taking away a studio mix to listen to  – then having either the recording engineer or a separate dedicated mixing engineer work on it until you are completely happy.

Once your song is mixed and mastered it is easy to get excited and carried away and want to release it straight away, but by rushing the release of your track you are missing out on the opportunity to promote it properly and increase your fanbase and streams.

A proper release strategy, with playlist submissions, a high quality music video and well thought out release date can be the difference between a song getting a few hundred streams and hundreds of thousands. Check out this blog post on releasing your music on Spotify.

Take your time. Do it right.

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