I’m often asked by clients the best way for them to expand their network. There are many ways to this but I find that networking face-to-face is a winner, and the best way to meet other musicians who are also looking to collaborate is at an open mic or jam night. An open mic is when a venue doesn’t book an act for the night’s entertainment but instead is run

A trend I have started to notice more and more in the studio is for artists to be overly proud in how quickly they knock out their song or verse. “Check out this tune, it only took me 20 minutes to record!” they brag to their friends in the control room. While efficiency is great, and there are many ways to make the most of your time in the studio

I was in the process of writing another blog post when I came across all the data and information I’m including in this one. I didn’t even finish the original post as this became way more interesting. I was trying to work out a strategy whereby a musical artist can make the average UK salary from their musical career – I haven’t got there yet but will let you all

TL;DR: These days it so easy to get your music online – but with so many people able to do it so easily it can be hard to get your music heard. In this guide I will talk through not only how to release your music online but give tips on how to get your music heard. I will be focussing on Spotify as it is the biggest market, however